Gershwin Media, a Southern California corporation, was founded in March, 2011 by local businesswoman and arts enthusiast Francesca Gershwin.

Francesca Gershwin (better known to many of her friends as just “Frankie”) is an Ojai, California native. She moved to Ojai with her parents at a young age to attend the Oak Grove School, which is a private school that was founded by East Indian philosopher, J. Krishnamurti.

As a young child, she performed in musical shows and ballet, rehearsed piano and guitar, and cared for and rode the her family’s growing herd of horses on their ranch.

For high school, she expanded her artistic and personal horizons at ISOMATA, in Northern California, then at Walnut Hill School near Boston, MA, furthering her dedicated pursuit of a professional ballet career.

At seventeen, back in Ojai, she participated in the founding of a local ballet school with her mother and sister, and even taught some classes in her free time.

After graduation she studied theater for a few months on the East Coast, wrote produced and directed a one-act play, traveled to Stratford-upon-Avon, England to study Shakespearean sonnets with actors in the Royal Shakespeare Comany, then was inspired to travel all the way to Moscow, Russia where she was one of the first foreigners accepted to study Stanislavky’s technique with teachers who had been in his original theater troupe, at the four-year Moscow Art Theater Institute at Stanislavsky’s original theater as it still operates today! ( She graduated with an MFA in Theater Arts from the Institute, which now partners with the Harvard and A.R.T.’s theater program to confer this degree.

Francesca Gershwin has become absolutely fluent and performed in both English and Russia, as the school was entirely taught in Russian. She accredits this to her family’s Russian roots on the Gershwin side, and her teachers accredit it to a good musical ear.

In 2000, along with her husband, Dmitry Alyakrinsky, a Moscow entrepreneur and media and business-consultant, she co-founded New Consulting, a Moscow travel agency, which was eventually sold to an international affiliate, before flying to California with their growing family.

While raising young children, and working in the publishing business, she created wordpress blog sites to announce her kids births.

Soon a WordPress fanatic (although not too skilled on all the intricate back end, but she somehow muddles through the coding necessary) and itching to get back in to singing, performing and producing, she founded Gershwin Media. And the following will be history 🙂


  1. Francesca,
    I see the Gershwin in you.

  2. Уважаемая Франческа! Ваша история абсолютно удивительна!
    Dear Frankie. Your story is amazing!
    Я нашёл Ваш сайт пытаясь найти выходы на семью Гершвина. Дело в том, что сейчас я вместе с группой русскоязычных иммигрантов принимаю участие в подготовке первого в Америке конкурса для детей и молодёжи посвящённый Джорджу Гершвину. Он пройдёт в Филадельфии в мае следующего года. Хотел бы пообщаться с Вами по поводу возможного сотрудничества.
    Dear Frankie. Your story is amazing! I have found your site while attempting to find connections to the Gershwin family. I am participating along with the group of Russian-speaking immigrants in the preparation of the first musical competition for children and young artists dedicated to George Gershwin. It will take place during May of next year in Philadelphia. Would like to talk to you about possible cooperation.

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  4. Santiago.Evansport

    M’agrada la valuosa informació que proporcioneu en els seus articles. Vaig a marcar el teu blog i comprovar de nou aquí amb regularitat. Estic bastant segur que vaig a aprendre un munt de coses noves aquí! El millor de les sorts per al pròxim!

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